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WATE (What about this evening)

WATE is an interactive, geo-referenced, user-friendly platform aiming to promote and share cultural , tourist and entertainment events through an user-friendly mobile app based on both social and geo-marketing data, adopting a marketing driven approach.\nThe app aims to create dynamic networking between events, venues, sites and commercial offers, and to assist visitors attending an event with organizing and planning their trip.

The players involved within this platform may be public entities ( tourism policy makers, municipalities, tourism offices, major events creators, entrepreneurship associations, etc.), business operators ( tourism, entertainment, catering, museums, hotels, restaurants, museums, retailers, etc.), and end-users ( tourists, people attending an event, travelers); the company will provide the platform and will ensure technical, operational and ongoing support all along the process at different degrees.

The main advantage for public entities is to have a remarkable instrument for territorial marketing policies, ensuring effective support while adopting specific territorial marketing measures; moreover, this business model may ensure additional revenues to the promoting public administrations, allowing a short pay-back period of the initial investment; the main advantage for business operators is to benefit from a focused promotional effort and to generate additional turnover.




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