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WaOH (Walking On History)

The basic concept of this web-based portal is to provide both tourism current information and cultural and historical contents on sites of interest through an enjoyable digital “story telling” approach.

Based on interactive maps the device integrates information arising from GPS, and progressively display to the end-users thematic itineraries and interest sites nearby, any of them been linked to geo-referenced information and images on historical and cultural contents, events and commercial offers as well.

Through an augmented reality technology the visitors are enabled to start virtual trip in the past of the historical site they are visiting.

WaOH provides tourism operators and stakeholders with a smart monitoring and assessment tool, which ensures a full set of data and information on travellers’ behaviours, trends and degree of satisfaction.

WaOH ‘s functionalities:

  • Web portal enhancing the territory through a journey into the past which will display, site after site, images, texts and ancient documents
  • Accessible on all mobile devices
  • Creating customized itineraries and destinations based on the visitors’ and territory’s profiling
  • Search for thematic destinations and itineraries (historical events and figures, art, exhibitions, food and wine, cultural heritage, et. )
  • Enhancing the visitors’ experience through a digital access to pieces of art, ancient documents, videos and more,  otherwise not available
  • Tailored commercial offers focused on the destination target audience
  • Link to social media.




For any information do not hesitate to contact us. Our staff will respond as soon as possible.