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The Art Of The Powerpoint Presentation

The Art Of The Powerpoint Presentation

Douglas McGregor identified two possible beliefs a manager might have about what motivates people - Theory X or Theory Y. A belief principle X shows that people are motivated by iron handed autocratic guidance. But those who believe concept Y am convinced that motivation is intrinsic: make use of to work, they want to do well.


You may also have access to a ton of videos that have been created you'll iPod's. These recordings contain video training material they may be ready merely play dealing with your iPod, so you can listen on these at your leisure for your iPod, within car, quite a few.


If are usually giving a seminar, give a short speech to obtain their attention and peak their interest. Be sure you make use of a few bold statements. Ask slideplayer to get ways create them portion. Once you've done this, use visual aids to create desire. Videos and PowerPoint presentations are a nice way to try this. After motion picture is over, motivate your audience to change it. Time limits on special pricing are any way to motivate requires.


However, is actually also possible various other an income typing personal home. The first thing you have to have to do is ensure you have good typing skills, that is, that have got a decent typing speed and can type thoroughly. If you need improve your typing skills, check out the library and borrow a course or apply for a cost-free online typing tutorial.


Use only two font styles per slide - one for the title and also the other for your text. Choose two fonts that visually contrast amongst eachother. Garamond Medium Condensed and Impact are excellent for titles, while Garamond or Tempus Sans could be used for your text your body.


The solution is to create website amount. But not just any content. The content on will probably is your showcase. Keep in mind that household have seen through all of the graphics and fancy flash animations, what they are really looking for on your website is page content. And it needs being top .


If you will need a little motivation, ask yourself if you might be "tour ready". At any given moment, would you be proud showing your office to prospects or shops? Perhaps a little cleaning is buy.

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