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Health Of Your Fingernails Reflect Your Overall Health And Fitness

Health Of Your Fingernails Reflect Your Overall Health And Fitness

Fat around the mid section can be accountable for stroke, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and even some cancers. This podgy belly could be killing you. Get rid of it now.


That is where "counting your blessings", easy and even corny, isn't as easy as it sounds. Our knee-jerk response is to complain, to grumble, to be defeated, to feel almost offended when things do not work out "perfectly", just the way we want them to. Imagine poor God, sifting through the millions of prayers he receives daily. Despite the cornucopia of blessings we receive, I am prepared to bet that he receives ten times more "Gimmee" prayers than "Thank you" prayers.


Honestly nothing looks better than a hot, flat well toned tummy. It benefits your Health and your appearances. This is a win win situation. Jump into action with the next tip to find the flat, Frozen Dinner conflict: Lean Cuisine Vs. Weight Watchers Smart Ones stomach you're craving.


Before I lived in my beloved Austin, I was a gym rat. You know, one of those individuals who dreaded the hour of the day where I would mindlessly circle my legs onto an elliptical? When I moved to Austin it was like having a large, outdoor gym at my fingertips. Who wants a treadmill when you've got 26 greenbelts to choose from? Who needs a pool when you have Deep Eddy and Barton Springs? Who needs a personal trainer when you have boot camps which are arguably just as successful for a fraction of the price? Who needs a sauna when you have August? You get the point.


In the meantime I had contacted the Great Northern Fitness Center and found the limited membership was more expensive. In addition the center does not have heated pools, hot tubs or saunas to soothe those aching muscles and nerves as soon as you finish all of the tortuous exercises.


Why don't you keep a food journal of what you eat, and see ways to make healthy changes? Perhaps you snack a lot in the morning at work, or in the day? How could you replace chocolate or crisps with fruit? Why not see if you're able to cook food that keeps you fuller for longer so you don't need snacks?


One of the 9 habits I wrote about is more important than others. One of my 9 habits activates all others. One of my habits is the secret to happiness. It begins on page 83 of this next edition.

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