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Benefits Of ISO/IEC 17025 Accreditation To Testing Laboratories

Benefits Of ISO/IEC 17025 Accreditation To Testing Laboratories

An accreditation mark on a test / Calibration report signifies that the laboratory issuing the report has been assessed and located to be competent by a third party. It due to this fact promotes confidence that the test outcome on that report is reliable.

An ISO/IEC 17025 mark of laboratory accreditation scheme is generally the brand of an accreditation body accompanied by the laboratory's accreditation body could have a corporate brand, which is separate from the accreditation mark.

An accreditation mark is normally owned by the accreditation body and accreditation confers the suitable to make use of the mark on test certificates, company letterheads and advertisements provided certain rules are followed. These rules stipulate the style in which the ISO 17025:2017 Certification is for use e.g. measurement, colour, position and different conditions if it is for use on certificates e.g. an accompanying assertion to indicate that accreditation is for particular tests as set out within the accreditation body's Directory, disclaimers, conditions under which non-accredited tests may appear, etc.

In India National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) Provides Laboratory accreditation companies to Testing / Calibration laboratories that have proven to work in accordance with NABL- criteria based mostly on internationally accepted standards and guidelines, akin to ISO/IEC 17025:2017.

Benefits of Accreditation to testing laboratories

The accredited laboratory has to carry out its testing activities in such a way as to fulfill the necessities of ISO/IEC 17025. So laboratory gets better management on operation because quality procedures are in use
All the masters get calibrated through NABL accredited laboratory so the accuracy degree of the test outcomes increases.
By taking part in proficiency testing and arranging inter laboratory program can examine its results with other accredited laboratory.
The laboratory should carry out all testing as per IS so the competence stage of laboratory increases.
Improve customer confidence in the testing reports issued by the laboratories
As a part of accreditation the personnel performing particular tasks should be qualified on the basis of appropriate schooling, training, expertise so the personnel skailing increases.
The Laboratory has to regulate the surroundings (i.e. temperature and humidity) within specified limit so the quality of test outcomes increases.
By evaluating the uncertainty in testing, laboratory can prove its measurement capability
Laboratory gets higher management on operation because quality procedures are in use.
Increases Laboratory competence Level.
Improve customer confidence within the calibration / testing reports issued by the laboratories
Relationship with National Worldwide Standards (Traceability)Traceability is an essential requirement for any measurement that's made in any organization. Traceability is "The property of the results of a measurement whereby it can be related to appropriate standards, generally National or International by means of an unbroken chain of comparisons". It is also defined as "the ability to narrate particular person measurement outcomes to national standards or nationally accepted measurement systems by way of an unbroken chain of comparisons".

The worldwide standards are maintained at Worldwide Bureau of Weights & Measures, BIPM at Paris, France and are recognised by worldwide agreement. In India, National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi is designated as custodian for National Standards. In addition to national standards, a number of different standards are developed to enable industries have the required traceability to the National standard.

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