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On-line Training Programs - What You Should Look For In A Well Crafted On-line Course

On-line Training Programs - What You Should Look For In A Well Crafted On-line Course

On-line courses offer a number of benefits for the busy professional who needs to remain ahead of the changes and developments in their profession. The key is to look for courses which are engaging and interactive, get you touching the screen, mean you can develop related practical skills after which test these skills, challenge your thinking and contain you as part of a learning community. So how is this achieved by means of on-line training programs? A well developed on-line course will guide you through the three steps of the net learning hierarchy.

1. Explicit Learning

Step one in a well structured on-line course involves explicit learning, which is structured and conveys fundamental ideas and information. This information is delivered on-line using shows, readings, audio, video and webpages. On-line tests and quizzes are used to assess your level of knowledge and understanding of ideas, so that you can consider your own understanding and establish any gaps. This self-evaluation means you take responsibility in your learning.

2. Applied learning

The following section in a well crafted online course includes applied learning where you develop your understanding of the subject material by learning how you can use techniques and strategies to practically apply your knowledge. Engaging the learner in scenarios, case studies and practical workouts is how we test practical understanding and utilized learning. Sensible workout routines take you to the following level of implementing what you could have learned. For instance, in step 1, you accomplished the lesson on stakeholder analysis and passed the quiz. Now you develop your understanding additional by completing a stakeholder analysis table based on the case study situation included in the on-line course. This gets you thinking and - more importantly - doing. It's a must to identify the varied stakeholders concerned, make assessments about their level of interest and affect and make some choices on how finest to interact with these stakeholders. This is learning by doing and elevates you to a higher level of learning. With on-line programs you are able to do this at your own pace. You can take the time that you must replicate on the topic and develop well thought out analyses or approaches to a given situation.

3. Tacit learning

Meaningful learning will not be executed in isolation, so the third section entails tacit learning, where you share your thinking and analysis with your on-line community of peers and colleagues. You may collaborate with and mentor one another, discuss, debate, explore and modify concepts or create new ideas. On-line courses facilitate this type of interaction by means of the on-line community and boards for discussion, questions and answers, debates and wikis. Well structured online training is a powerful mechanism for discussing, interacting and collaborating with your professional peers. By means of their wide reach and global nature on-line programs have the potential to introduce you to a much broader network of professionals with diverse ways of thinking. This in turn challenges and enhances your learning and moves you to the highest level of the online learning hierarchy.

And a final point - look for on-line training courses which have course facilitators available to moderate discussions and reply to any course associated queries.

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