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How Does Addiction Rehab Work

How Does Addiction Rehab Work

People go into rehab for different types of addictions, but the most common ones are alcohol, suboxone, oxycodone, heroin, cocaine, and meth. Drug rehab arizona offers in-patient and out-patient treatment options, both of which can be effective. In-patient rehab, however, is generally the preferred choice when a person needs to get out of an environment that is enabling their addiction. In general, drug rehab centers in Prescott Arizona offer the following stages of care.




The first step in drug rehab is detoxification. That means allowing the body to become free of addictive substances. Unfortunately, addicts can suffer mild to severe symptoms of withdrawal during the detox process, so it is always medically supervised. The process typically begins with an evaluation to determine what drugs are in the patient's system and to assess the patient's overall health. If a patient is cleared to begin detox, he or she will be given medications to help with symptoms like anxiety and sleeplessness. Patients are also encouraged to eat nutritious food and exercise if possible. Detox can last anywhere from three to ten days.




Once the patient is drug-free, it is time to begin a program of therapy designed to treat underlying issues of addiction and modify behavior patterns. In Christian Addiction Treatment Centers, patients participate in individual behavioral and spiritual counseling as well as family therapy and support groups. faith based drug rehab continue to receive medical care and supervision during this phase. If possible, patients are encouraged to resume work or school at this point or to participate in educational programs like a GED class or a financial management program. christian drug rehabilitation are also encouraged to do volunteer work in the community. In most cases, in-patient rehab therapy lasts anywhere from one to six months.




Once in-patient rehab is complete, patients need to re-integrate themselves into their families and communities, but it's important that they have ongoing support. christian rehab facilities include weekly or more frequent counseling or group therapy sessions and, in some cases, sober living arrangements. This aspect of aftercare is especially important for people who have a partner at home or other family members who are still using drugs.


Sober living homes are group homes where people live independently but share a strong commitment to be drug-free. Group home residents are generally expected to follow certain rules, like doing chores or refraining from fighting, as well as taking random drug tests to ensure sobriety.


Addicts should understand that recovery is not an end but rather a lifelong process. With hard work and support from christian drug rehab centers, many people are able to get sober and stay sober.

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